Seven Things I Like About Statamic


Statamic is a dynamic flat-file content management system. Here are seven things I like about it.

It’s fast & easy to to installInstall Statamic by uploading its files via FTP or deploying them via version control (e.g. Git).

It’s even faster & easier to update. Update Statamic by replacing two folders.

Database not required.

  • One less thing to manage & backup
  • Your content lives in flat files & not in a database
  • Statamic’s settings also live in a flat file instead of a database
  • Because of the above, you can version control your content & Statamic itself

Control panel optional.

  • Publish content via a user-friendly & mobile-ready control panel, or

  • Make your favourite text editor your web publishing app. Write in Markdown syntax & publish to your Statamic-powered site

Control your markup.

  • You have full control over your markup
  • Statamic doesn’t generate any HTML tags or CSS styles for you

Multiple environments. Development, staging, production? Easily set up multiple environments.


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